Genesis I: A New Beginning

Note: Welcome to Genesis, part 1 of 3. This series will concisely cover the evolutionary history of the universe and mankind, as interpreted by the Way of Man. To discover the Way we must go as individuals and societies, we must first understand where we come from. This is the psychological foundation of all true health.

While I never anticipated any apocalyptic destruction of the world to occur on December 21, 2012 (the date of this publishing), I do maintain that the conclusion of the 13th Mayan b’ak’tun is relevant to our times. Interestingly, the word apocalypse translated literally from its ancient Greek origins has a meaning far different than the destructive message hyped up by mainstream media today; it simply means “I reveal from cover.” 

I hope this series will shed new light on your understanding of the world. I am optimistic that humanity is currently at the dawn of a new era, a time in which mankind will ascend to new heights through a profound unity of understanding. Regardless of your beliefs (or lack thereof), know that I attempt only to reveal the Truth in a common tongue.


Let me tell you a story,
the eternal tale as told to me
by mother Nature herself,
in an attempt to set us free:

In the beginning all things were One,
a sea of singularity.
The spoken one is not the eternal One,
take heed of the disparity.

The One expanded and we called it Nature,
the essence of heaven and earth.
Nature; the One’s own flesh and bone,
the stuff of the universe.

The One showed Nature its Way,
a path for creation to follow;
the Way of cosmic progression,
the natural path of the hallowed.

Our Sun and moon came to be,
the shepherds of day and night.
Nature gave Eairth her magick breath
and told her to use the light.

And Eairthly winds began to blow,
while lightening continued to strike,
as earth, water and fire became became
separated in the light.

And creatures emerged from the sea,
swimming from the depths,
And out soared the avians,
flying on her breath.

So from the Eairth we came,
and of thence we shall remain,
a part of One and everything,
a creature of the same.

And times continue to change,
as Way leads on to Way.
Today begins a new Age,
another dawn of day.

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